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Welcome at Nido Aguila Blanca


Vacationcomplex Nido Aguila Blanca in Andalusia is runned by Dan, Bianca, Cat en Sam.


Dan was born in 1973 in Bucharest, Romania and I, Bianca, was born in Amsterdam, Holland. In 2005 we imigrated from Holland to Northern Spain where our daughter Cat was born in that same year. In July 2008 our son Sam was born. In Februari 2009 we moved to Guaro in Malaga where we started running La Molineta. We stayed there for 7 years.

At the end of 2015 we moved to our new house Nido Aguila Blanca where we opened these three appartments. We are running this following the same concept like Molineta. We opened mid April 2016.


We like the outdoors which we have plenty of here. Our kids love to play with all the children who are staying with us.



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